Paul Talks With Podcast Crew On Influencers, GOATS, Boxing & More In Energetic Conversation
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“If Brandon fights Deontay Wilder, he will get knocked out
 in the first round. Brandon that is!” – Jake Paul
Miami, FL. (February 7, 2021) – YouTube star Jake Paul joins former NFL stars Brandon Marshall, Channing Crowder and “Unc” Fred Taylor, along with Chef Nancie, in a special season two bonus episode of the I AM ATHLETE podcast. The social media GOAT joins the crew to talk about his YouTube success, his boxing career and recent fight with Nate Robinson, a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather and much more, delivering the trademark back-and-forth that helped the podcast earn huge growth in its’ second season. The episode goes LIVE on Monday, February 8 at 12 p.m. ET.

IAA founder and host Brandon Marshall takes the early conversation to talk of GOATs (Greatest Of All Time) as Paul labels Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup a showdown between “old GOAT” Tom Brady and “new GOAT” Patrick Mahomes.  As the dialogue shifts into Paul giving his GOATs of YouTube, Crowder takes the opportunity to offer his skepticism on the social media influencer culture asking Paul simply, “what is your skillset?”

“YouTube is one of the hardest things in the world,” responds Paul. “It’s work ethic, marketing, creativity and being entertaining. I made a new video every day for 300 days straight. You have to get people coming back every day. You can only name a few of us, because we’re actually talented and dedicated.”

Paul goes on to say that YouTube is actually harder than boxing, which Paul and his brother Logan have taken up in a series of popular fights in recent years. Paul has an upcoming fight against UFC fighter Ben Askren taking place in April. He has taken his fair share of criticism from the boxing world because of his crossing over from social media fame.

“There’s a lot of fighters who aren’t happy with your position in boxing,”
posits Marshall, who is interested in stepping in the ring himself after sharing he has boxed since he was six years old. “Are you helping or hurting the sport?”

“Boxing saved me in a lot of ways,” said Paul. “Mentally, I was lost and boxing helped me find a purpose. I think it’s positive that I’m taking my audience and showing boxing to them.”

“This is the way now,” said Marshall in agreement. “The bravado and the entertainment, that’s what sells. If you play in the NFL, you get paid regardless of what team you’re on or how they do financially. It’s different in boxing!”

This conversation gives way to talk of Marshall’s own boxing ambitions, which recently made headlines when he said he wanted to fight former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. Paul quickly says Wilder would knock Marshall out in one round, “I would bet my whole house on it.”

Marshall sticks to his guns that his years training in the sport would serve him well and counters to ask Paul about a possible fight against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, who agreed to fight Jake’s brother Logan and called out Jake for a future fight in social media posts.

Paul believes that his size and weight, plus the extra year or two of experience he’ll have by the time they square off, would serve him well. “Unc” Taylor, however, believes Floyd’s skills make him too tall a task for Paul.

“He’s the greatest defensive boxer of all time,” said Taylor. “He gets criticized for not knocking people out, but it’s so hard to be defensively sound for 12 rounds. It’s all technical. Nobody is hitting him.

“He’s actually better than Muhammad Ali in my book,” added Taylor.

“If you play with the fire too long, you’re going to get burnt,” said Paul in response. “He’s going to ruin his legacy trying to do these fights. All I have to do is hit him once at 210-pounds.”

Paul also talks about a potential fight against UFC star Conor McGregor, “Conor is a way easier fight than Floyd. Conor will underestimate me and think it’s an easy payday, but he doesn’t have the hunger anymore. He doesn’t need to fight anymore.”

On that point about McGregor’s lost hunger, Marshall jumps in to compare it to when he was struggling with where he was in his career during the 2015 season with the New York Jets.

“When you get to the money and you get to the bag, you lose that hunger that got you there,” said Marshall. “It’s not about survival anymore.”

Soon after, Chef Nancie joins the crew to serve Branzino with roasted vegetables and potatoes to the hosts and their guest, with a special order of crispy fried chicken for the fish-allergic Taylor. It also gives an opportunity for Chef Nancie to talk about her recent appearance on Good Morning America and the successful launch of chefnancie.com.

After the food is served, Crowder reveals that he had not heard of Paul before he was booked on the show and he had to do research on the social media star, eventually asking, “Do you think about the morale of what you post? Knowing that a 12 or 13-year-old kid is going to try to emulate that.”

“They’re going to find whatever they want to find on the internet, regardless,” responds Paul. “I’m not the only thing they’re watching. It should be your job as a parent to monitor what they’re watching.”

“Unc” Taylor agrees that the parents should be doing a better job of that regulation, “Social media does a lousy job regulating how these kids can look around on the internet. It really boils down to the parents. They need to do a better job being aware of what their kids are doing.”

Marshall disagrees and puts some onus on Paul, “I would challenge you, as you continue to progress in life, to push your audience in a positive direction.”

“People have heard all sorts of negative things about me, but there’s a positive message at the start and end of every video,” said Paul. “People who watch me every day know that. I want everyone to smile, work hard and chase your dreams. But people like to highlight the negative, because that sells.”

As the episode nears an end, Marshall and Paul encourage each other not to take respective fights fight Wilder and Mayweather, leading to Taylor jumping in to suggest maybe Marshall and Paul should be the ones facing off in the squared circle.

“Make the fight!” shouts Marshall, right before the credits roll.

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