Utah boxing brothers Ignacio & Gabriel Chairez Sign with Fighter Locker

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Utah boxing brothers

Ignacio & Gabriel Chairez

Sign with Fighter Locker

(L-R) – Ignacio and Gabriel Chairez
BOSTON (March 23, 2021) – The best boxing brothers from Utah since the famed Fullmers may be Salt Lake City super lightweight Ignacio (8-0-1, 5 KOs) and junior lightweight Gabriel Chairez (3-0-1, 2 KOs), who recently signed exclusive managerial contracts with Ryan Roach’s Fighter Locker.

“I signed with Ryan because he treats his fighters like family and I’m big on family,” 29-year-old Ignacio explained. “I feel that in boxing, you need someone that knows the backend of the sport and its business side as well, because it’s a dirty business and I feel he’s the guy that’s going to take me and my brother to world titles.”

“I believe that it was the right choice to sign with Ryan because, in this sport, you need to stay busy fighting,” 24-year-old Gabriel (pictured above) said. “I haven’t been nearly as busy as I’d like, but Ryan will be the manager to change that and keep me fighting consistently. He comes from one of the biggest family names in boxing.”

“I got a call from a friend in boxing saying you have to check out these Chairez brothers in Utah,” Fighter Locker president Ryan Roach explained. “I reached out to Ignacio and we had a lengthy conversation about their amateur background and personal goals. They both fought some outstanding amateurs, beating a few great professional fighters today. It was a package deal, and I was excited to land the pair. As fighters, I think they are where they need to be to win world titles. Now, it’s my job to guide them.”

The Chairez brothers were solid amateur boxers. Ignazio (41-19) was a multiple state and regional Golden Gloves champion and USBL International Tournament gold medalist. He also fought in the 2012 Olympic Qualifier and defeated the likes of Abraham Nova and Jesus Vasquez in the amateurs. Gabriel (55-17) won the Utah Golden Gloves four straight years, in addition to the Rocky Mountain International Championships. He was ranked No. 7 in the USA in the 132-pound weight class in 2015-2016.

The Chairez brothers may not have been directly influenced in boxing by the much older Fullmers but, of course, they are aware of the Fullmers and what they represent in boxing in general and Utah in particular. Hall of Famer Gene Fullmer was a 2-time World middleweight champion who was 2-1-1 against legendary Sugar Ray Robinson. His brother Don was a world title challenger and Jay also boxed professionally.

“I’ve met the Fullmers,” Ignacio reported. “They are really kind people.” Gabriel, added, “I got a chance to meet the Fullmers and I’ve sparred at their gym. They were a little too much before my time, but I have the outmost respect for them.”

Ignacio describes himself as a pressure fighter like his idol, Miguel Cotto, mixed with a little Windy Wright; Gabriel is a pure boxer with pop who often switches levels to stalk and finish off his opponent.

The Chairez brothers have similar goals to get and stay busy as they develop into world-class fighters and, hopefully, world champions.

“I want to generate enough wealth that my family can live and have better lives than what I had,” Ignacio concluded. “It’s always about improving and helping my parents. I also want to help kids in my community by opening a gym to help kids and young adults stay out of trouble. I want to show them that, if you put your al into something, you can accomplish what you want.”

“My long-term goal is to overcome the odds to become world champion,” Gabriel added. “Utah isn’t known for having great boxers and I want to change that outlook. I also want to inspire Utah youths.”

The Ignacio brothers recently made their Fight Locker debuts as Ignacio knocked out his opponent in the second round, while Gabriel fought to a questionable draw.

Fighter Locker’s growing stable of gifted boxers includes California super flyweight Rocco “So Cal Kid” Santomauro (21-1, 6 KOs), Troy, NY ABF American West super lightweight Ray Jay “The Destroyer” Bermudez (12-0, 9 KOs), Toronto, Canada welterweight West Haven, CT super welterweight Jimmy “Quiet Storm” Williams (16-5-2, 5 KOs), super middleweight “The Amazing” Shawn McCalman (7-0, 4 KOs), U.S. Army super bantamweight Daniel Bailey, Jr. (2-0, 1 KO), lightweight Leonel de los Santos (2-0, 2 KOs), a 2-time Dominican Republic Olympian, pro-debuting Boston featherweight Troy Anderson, Jr., and pro-debuting Dominican Republic welterweight Juan Solano.

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