The Abrams Boxing Show Podcast Partners with Follow The Action

The Abrams Boxing Show Podcast to be Streamed on “Follow the Action®” Social Media
Show will be streamed live to at least eight pages and heard/viewed on up to 20 different Platforms
Philadelphia (April 26, 2021) – The Abrams Boxing Show podcast is pleased to announce a content partnership with sports handicapping industry power, “Follow The Action®.”

The show, which has been a popular show for interviewing fighters and boxing personalities will turn into more a structured show, and will be available on up to 20 social media platforms with at least eight of those platforms streaming the show live.

Special on-site Fight week and Post Fight shows will also be streamed live.

Marc Abrams will continue his live interview series for which he has done close to 500 live interviews since last May.

“Follow The Action” is a Sports Handicapping syndicate that is headed up by handicapping legend, The Philly Godfather and WWE Hall of Famer John Layfield.

The show plans to break down fights, give predictions, go over the news of the day and have the biggest guests in the world of boxing.

Marc Abrams is a 19-year boxing industry insider who owns the popular website Abrams is also one of the top public relations people in boxing. Marc has also been one of the premier boxing Play-By-Play broadcasters, who has broadcasted over 530 shows worldwide including many world title bouts. In 2020 Abrams was picked to be inducted into the Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame (will be inducted in 2021). Marc is set to receive the courage award by the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA).

“With the addition of Follow The Action to my distribution, I expect this show to be one of, if not the highest viewed and listened to shows in the sport. The Philly Godfather is one of the top handicappers in the world as well as a real estate mogul. His numbers are off the charts when it comes to handicapping sports. He has been featured on many radio and television shows all over the country such as Fox Business, so that shows the credibility of what he does. John Layfield’s name speaks for itself. He is a Hall of Famer, a true Heavyweight in the business world and I am honored to be able to make this deal with them,” said Marc Abrams.

“We are also in development for more live sports podcasts that will focus on all sports. We have some cool ideas centered around this week’s NFL Draft that we have been working on.”

Exact links of where the live shows can be seen.