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BERNIE BAHRMASEL: Good afternoon and Good Morning to the international press and thanks very much for joining us on this Media Conference Call promoting the highly anticipated World Middleweight Championship between Unified Middleweight World Champion GENNADY “GGG” GOLOVKIN, (36-0, 33 KO’s) and WBA Middleweight World Champion and Mandatory Challenger DANIEL “The Miracle Man” JACOBS, (32-1, 29 KO’s) set for Saturday, March 18 from THE Mecca of Boxing, Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The Championship Event presented by K2 Promotions will be produced and distributed by HBO Pay-Per-View starting at 9pm ET, 6pm PT. Tickets for the live event which are moving fast, may be purchased online through Ticketmaster and TheGarden.com

Joining us first on the call today is the Consensus #1 Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the World from his training camp in Costa Rica, ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ. Sporting a record of 46-0 with 38 knockouts, Roman is joined on the call by his longtime manager CARLOS BLANDON to discuss his WBC Super Flyweight World Championship defense against Mandatory Challenger SRISAKET SOR RUNGVISAI, (41-4-1, 38 KO’s), in the co-main event on March 18th.

Later in the call, we will joined by former WBC Super Flyweight World Champion CARLOS “PRINCIPE” CUADRAS and his trainer RUDY HERNANDEZ who are wrapping up camp in Los Angeles, California.

In a special attraction 10-round super flyweight bout on the HBO Pay-Per-View, Cuadras will battle Mexico City cross-town arch rival DAVID “SEVERO” CARMONA.

This past September 10 at the Fabulous Forum and telecast, “Chocolatito”and Cuadras clashed in one of the best fights of 2016, as Roman Gonzalez won his fourth division world title.

TOM LOEFFLER: We couldn’t be more excited to have ‘Chocolatito’ back on the show with Gennady and it is a great match-up.

  On any other show it would clearly be the main event.  ‘Chocolatito’ headlined the show last September at the Fabulous Forum and had a tremendous victory over Carlos Cuadras winning a world title in his fourth weight division and is universally considered the No. 1 pound for pound fighter in the world.

  We are excited for this match-up.

  It is a tough match-up that’s mandated by the WBC against Rungvisai from Thailand who is a very big puncher and I know many boxing fans are really looking forward to this fight.  With that I would like to introduce Carlos Blandon to say a few words.  He has been with Roman in training camp.

CARLOS BLANDON:  I would like to thank everyone that is making this possible – HBO, Teiken Promotions and K2 Promotions and Madison Square Garden for hosting us once again on March 18.

 Roman and the whole ‘Chocolatito’ team is very excited and happy once again to be showcasing Roman’s talents at Madison Square Garden, The Mecca of Boxing, and we think it is going to be an excellent night of boxing on fight night.

  And thanks to Gennady, who we admire and we are very happy to be fighting under his name once again.  At the same time having Carlos Cuadras with Rudy Hernandez being able to fight before us makes for a full program of action.

ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ:  First of all I want to say that we are ready for next Saturday.  I want to thank God and I want to thank HBO and K2 Promotions and Madison Square Garden.  Everything has gone great during this camp and once again it is an honor to be on a card featuring Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs.

How was it to be a headliner on your last show?

ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ:  It was a great opportunity in Los Angeles that HBO gave me to fight Carlos Cuadras in the feature fight.

  It was a great fight with an amazing atmosphere.  The fans from Mexico and Nicaragua came out.  I think it showed that I have the power that I can fill a big arena like the Forum.

  I was very happy and to be the co-feature with Golovkin is another great opportunity and I realize that there are going to be a lot of fans of Nicaraguan descent that will descend upon Madison Square Garden and I want to give them a very positive result.

How was it fighting at the heavier weight?  You got touched up a little in the Cuadras fight.  Do you feel you can dominate at the heavier weight?

ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ:  I have always had respect for my opponent and it was a very tough fight at 115.  Never did I think it was going to be easy campaigning in this division at 115 – it takes time to get used to and I think that’s what is happening at the moment but I think I will be fine.

What was the reception like when you returned home after not only winning another world title but passing the legend of Arguello by winning a fourth world title?

That day was very memorable when I returned home.  People were lined up in the streets and they were greeting me all over and to be honest, being home, they gave me their love.  The people of Nicaragua gave me their love and without question it makes me so happy to represent the country of Nicaragua, that now after winning this world title I have to hold onto it.

Do you feel a need move to move to higher weight divisions or do you feel you are fighting for the guys in the lower weight classes?


ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ:  From a legacy standpoint I have already accomplished a lot and now my goal is to hold onto my fourth world title in order to gain higher purses and more money and I want to continue to show that I am a quality fighter and I am a great fighter and I want to move forward and I think a second fight with Cuadras will certainly do that.  But I am fixed on holding on to this world title moving forward.

What do you want to accomplish next?

ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ:  A fourth world title was something that was an absolute blessing.  I want to thank God and it meant so much to me.  No, aside from holding onto my world title, I could possibly go for a fifth world championship – in a different weight division – but first I understand that I need to hold onto to this title at the moment.

How many tickets are left for the fight at Madison Square Garden?

TOM LOEFFLER:  The tickets are selling very well.  The last show where Gennady and ‘Chocolatito’ had fought together at the Garden in October 2015, we were completely sold out and right now the tickets are ahead of that.  So we expect a sold out arena and the fans have reacted to the combination again of Gennady and ‘Chocolatito’ on the same show.

How does this opponent compare to Cuadras and what type of challenges do you expect?

ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ:  I always know it’s going to be a different rival and challenge.  Against Carlos Cuadras it was a great fight and I certainly learned a lot in that match-up and especially in my training camp.  On this one coming up on the 18th of March, I expect a great fight and I want to put on a great fight for the fans and I realize what I have to do because at the end of the day I want to have my had raised in victory.

Do you want to fight Cuadras again?  How did that fight compare to the toughest you have had?

ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ:  As I look at a fight coming up against Carlos Cuadras again I realize I have to train harder.  Every opponent presents different challenges.  I do believe that the second fight, the rematch, will be better.  But heading into the rematch, assuming all goes according to plan, I will be confident and I know he will be a little bit more because of the time we shared in the ring.  I do believe I can go out there and get the knockout in the rematch.

Do you feel better training in Costa Rica than in California?

ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ:  Every camp is very good.  Every camp runs very well when it comes to training in Costa Rica.  I like it because I almost feel at home as if in Nicaragua.  There are mountains here and water and I just feel so comfortable in Costa Rica.

You have a tough fight coming up on the 18th and Cuadras says that you didn’t want the rematch immediately…

ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ:  It doesn’t really matter what he says.  If he wants to go ahead and get into a verbal match with me, that’s not what I am going to focus on.  I am the champion right now.  I realize that the rematch is down the line.  I have a lot of respect for him.  I am fighting for the lower weight classes and a rematch will be in the cards if it does transpire.  That will happen down the line and I am all about fighting for the lower weight classes to make them prominent in boxing.

This is a tough time in the United States for Hispanics and Latinos . . .

ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ:  My fight is for the public.  I am always very happy for the adulation.  These days I want to move forward and make people happy by my performance.

ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ:  Thank you very much to all of the public, God bless you and we will see you Saturday on March 18.

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Daniel Jacobs & Chris Algieri readying for GGG 3/18 at MSG

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Tale of The Tape Gennady Golovkin Daniel Jacobs
Age 34/35 29/30
Current Status

WBA Super World middleweight champion;

IBF World middleweight champion;

WBC World middleweight champion;

IBO World middleweight champion

WBA World middleweight champion
Professional Record 36-0-0, 33 KOs 32-1-0, 29 KOs
Height 5 ft. 10 in. 6 ft. 1 in.
Reach 69 in. 73 in.
Knockout Percentage 92% 88%
Previous Fight 09/10/2016 09/09/2016


 “MIDDLEWEIGHT MADNESS” is showdown between Unified Middleweight World Champion (WBC, WBA, IBF, IBO) GENNADY “GGG” GOLOVKIN (36-0, 33 KO’s) and WBA Middleweight Champion and Mandatory Challenger DANIEL “THE MIRACLE MAN” JACOBS (32-1, 29 KO’s) set for Saturday, March 18 in The World’s Most Famous Arena.    The championship event will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View® beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.    Golovkin and Jacobs have an extraordinary combined 35 consecutive knockouts heading into this highly anticipated battle.

Presented by K2 Promotions, tickets for “MIDDLEWEIGHT MADNESS” priced at $1,000, $600, $400, $300, $200 and $100, are on sale and can be purchased at the Madison Square Garden Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, Ticketmaster charge by phone (866-858-0008) and online at http://www.ticketmaster.com or http://www.thegarden.com

Check my prediction out below:


Lewis vs. Briggs – 27:20 mark



Pirog vs. Jacobs – 1:47 mark



Jacobs vs. Mora I – 0:00 to 0:17




Saturday, March 18, 2017





LOS ANGELES, CA (January 24, 2017) Former World Boxing Council (WBC) Super Flyweight Champion CARLOS “PRINCIPE” CUADRAS, (35-1-1, 27 KO’s) of Mexico City, Mexico returns to battle against cross-town rival and Former World Title Challenger DAVID “SEVERO” CARMONA, (20-3-5, 8 KO’s), also of Mexico City, Mexico, on Saturday, March 18 at The Mecca of Boxing, Madison Square Garden.


Cuadras vs. Carmona, scheduled for ten rounds, will be featured on the televised undercard of the World Middleweight Championship between Unified Middleweight World Champion GENNADY “GGG” GOLOVKIN, (36-0-0, 33 KO’s) and WBA Middleweight World Champion and Mandatory Challenger DANIEL “THE MIRACLE MAN” JACOBS, (32-1, 29 KO’s). The event will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.


“I wanted a rematch with Roman Gonzalez but right now my sole focus is on Carmona, we’ve known each other for many years and there is a true rivalry between us,” said Cuadras. “I’m looking forward to settling it in the ring at Madison Square Garden, the home of so many classic battles and in front of the great Mexican boxing fans in New York City and those watching on HBO Pay-Per-View.”


Said Carmona, “Carlos has accomplished a great deal in boxing, being a former world champion and undefeated for many years. However, my time is now and I look forward to being victorious on March 18.”


“We’re very excited to add this all-Mexican battle between Carlos Cuadras and David Carmona to an already outstanding boxing event,” said TOM LOEFFLER, Managing Director of

K2 PROMOTIONS. “Cuadras is coming off one of the best fights of 2016 in his world title fight with “Chocolatito” last September on HBO and Carmona is looking to prove he’s worthy of another world title opportunity.”


“Carlos was one of the true breakout stars in boxing last year in his valiant performance against ‘Chocolatito’. We’ve gotten a tremendous response to our showcasing of the lighter weights at

our events from boxing fans and the media and we’re very excited to have these two super flyweight battles on the televised undercard.”


“Adding this third bout to the March 18 event continues our commitment to boxing fans in the arena and those watching on HBO Pay-Per-View that we will provide maximum value at our events. Tickets for Madison Square Garden are selling fast and we look forward to another outstanding event on March 18.”


On September 10, 2016, then undefeated WBC Super Flyweight World Champion Cuadras and three-division world champion ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ waged war in a 2016 “Fight of the Year” candidate in front of a huge crowd at The Fabulous Forum and telecast on HBO.


After twelve epic rounds of world class action, the 28-year-old Cuadras lost a very close decision to Gonzalez in a battle that had the Mexican and Nicaraguan partisan crowds on their feet cheering throughout.


Carmona is returning to the ring following the toughest test of his seven-year professional career. On May 8, 2016, the 25-year-old Carmona traveled to Tokyo, Japan to challenge undefeated WBO Super Flyweight Champion NAOYA INOUE. Following twelve action packed rounds, Carmona came up short on the judges’ scorecards but validated his standing among the best in the division. Continue reading




Saturday, March 18, 2017




MANAGUA, NICARAGUA (January 23, 2017) Consensus #1 Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the World and World Boxing Council (WBC) Super Flyweight Champion ROMAN “CHOCOLATITO” GONZALEZ, (46-0-0, 38 KO’s), held court in front of a huge crowd of Nicaraguan media before heading to Costa Rica for training camp in preparations to defend his title against Mandatory Challenger SRISAKET SOR RUNGVISAI (41-4-1, (38 KO’s) of Si Sa Ket, Thailand, on Saturday, March 18, 2017, at “The Mecca of Boxing”, Madison Square Garden.


Gonzalez is one of the country’s most popular figures, having been mentored by Nicaraguan boxing legend, the late ALEXIS ARGUELLO. In his last fight, a brilliant 12-round decision over CARLOS CUADRAS on September 10 at The Fabulous Forum in Los Angeles and telecast on HBO, Gonzalez became a fourth divisional world champion, the first in the Nicaragua’s history.


Gonzalez was joined at the press conference by his manager, CARLOS BLANDON.



“Sor Rungvisai is a fighter very tough fighter who wants my title. His fighting style suits me however I have to be careful because of his power.”


“I have all the tools to beat him. He has power but not much else but I also have to watch for possible head-butts.”


“Training in Costa Rica is very good for me. I’ve never liked the cold and right now it’s too cold in Big Bear.”


“I have no problem giving Carlos Cuadras a rematch but right now my focus is on Sor Rungvisai who is my mandatory for the WBC.”


“I have the perfect game plan and on March 18 there will be no surprises. I’m leaving Monday, we had a great camp in Costa Rica for the McWilliams Arroyo fight and we are planning to have another great camp for this fight there.”


“I feel very confident that I will be victorious for my fans here in Nicaragua and all over the world, those watching on HBO Pay-Per-View and those in attendance in Madison Square Garden. I loved fighting in New York City last time and look forward to March 18 when I return.”


“With the passing of my longtime trainer Arnulfo Obando, my head trainer will now be my father Luis Gonzalez and also in my corner will be Wilmer Hernandez. They were both assistants to Arnulfo throughout my career.”



“We are very excited to start training in Costa Rica on Monday (January 23). Hopefully we will have the same excellent result we did when we trained there for McWilliams Arroyo.”


“Right now it’s snowing and cold in Big Bear and we feel it’s better for Roman to train in Costa Rica where it is warmer, although in Big Bear was where Roman had one of his best training camps before the Carlos Cuadras fight.”


“I expect that with the proper preparations in training camp that we will see an explosive fight and another great victory for Roman on March 18.” Continue reading



The Fight Journal’s 2016 Boxing Awards:

Fight of the Year


The candidates…


Jesus Soto Karass vs. Yoshihiro Kamegai I. The first fight between these two ended in a ten round draw. The fight went back and forth with each man having moments in this slugfest. Soto Karass enjoyed much success on the inside, while Kamegai found success from distance. No matter where the range was, these warriors battled non-stop until the final bell. Definitely catch this one. See entire fight below:



Keith Thurman vs. Shawn Porter. This fight featured power versus intensity. Thurman landed some bone-jarring shots in key moments of the fight to earn the judge’s approval in this controversial fight. Conversely, Porter applied pressure and forced Thurman outside of his comfort level round-after-round-after-round. The fight went to the wire and was as close as close could get. Two top five guys in the welterweight class featured Porter’s smothering body and head assault against Thurman’s back foot counter strategy. Definitely worth checking out. See highlights below:



Dillian Whyte vs. Dereck Chisora. Bad blood was the name of the game in this one, featuring two heavyweights with questions still needing to be addressed. I’m not sure if those questions were answered, but what we know is it was a fight of the year candidate. These guys threw big shots from the opening bell, with Chisora scoring big in the early half- rounds two, three, and five. He also almost dropped Whyte with a big left hook in the eighth. Whyte scored well in the second half of the fight with power shots and stiff jabs as Chisora began to tire. Two big men swinging for the fences in what could’ve been the best heavyweight fight of 2016. It was a great contrast of styles featuring Whyte, with better technique and straighter shots against Chisora’s wide shots and chopping hooks. A must see heavyweight fight. See entire fight below:



Carl Frampton vs. Leo Santa Cruz. Styles make fights and if these guys fought five times, you’d see five FOTY candidates. They’ll rematch in early 2017 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see their names this time next year. Santa Cruz was employed his usual active style, throwing 1,002 punches. In the second round, Frampton timed Santa Cruz with a left hook that sent him to the ropes and should’ve been scored a knockdown. Frampton continued to try to put Santa Cruz on his back foot, but Leo wouldn’t have it. Santa Cruz began to find a home for the left hook and by the midway point, a toe-to-toe fight began, with Leo scoring big. Both fighters gave and took in the non-stop action fight as they punched until the final bell. There were plenty of impactful shots by both men, with Frampton winning by landing the harder shots and using movement to lower Santa Cruz’s connect percentage.

Punch stats
Punches Santa Cruz Frampton
Landed 255 242
Thrown 1002 668
Percent 25% 36%

— Courtesy of CompuBox


See highlights of Frampton vs. Santa Cruz below:


Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez vs. Carlos Cuadras. If you never watched boxing and looked at each guy’s face after this one, you would be 100% certain Roman Gonzalez lost big! Well, he won by a few rounds, which should tell you how good this fight was last September. Gonzalez won a title in his fourth weight class and had to go through hell to earn it. Chocolatito was relentless with his attack on Cuadras from the opening bell. He threw everything AND the kitchen sink at the Mexican. Cuadras employs an awkward style, reminiscent at times to Hector Camacho as he moved and countered with big shots to swell Chocolatito’s face. Cuadras usually likes to stalk, but the pressure early on made him uncomfortable. Cuadras adapted and begin to launch fast combinations. I’m not talking three or four punches. I’m talking eight and nine punch deals being thrown back at Chocolatito. Jabs to the body and overhand shots scored for Cuadras as the champion understood keeping his title was at stake. In the end, the judges preferred the higher work-rate and accuracy of Chocolatito.

Punch stats
Punches Gonzalez Cuadras
Landed 323 258
Thrown 985 893
Percent 33% 29%
— Courtesy of CompuBox


See the full fight in standard definition below:



Others under consideration:

Robert Easter Jr vs. Richard Commey

Jamie Conlan vs. Anthony Nelson

Sergey Kovalev vs. Andre Ward


The winner:

Francisco Vargas vs. Orlando Salido. One night after Muhammad Ali died, these two evoked memories of the champ’s fights with Joe Frazier. Max Kellerman said it best: “It’s never a guarantee you will roll a seven, but tonight you’re rolling with loaded dice.”

These two waited until the last minute of round one to get started and never looked back. Jab, you ask? What’s that, wondered Salido as you can count the number he threw on one hand. Neither man had time for setup punches, as they both tried to impose their resolve on each other.

In the third round, Vargas had a cut over his eye and my thoughts were the fight would end in a round or two due to it. However, by the fourth and fifth, we got the to-to-toe war that all sick boxing fans live to see.


There were instances when each fighter was rocked and the crowd rose to its feet; not in anticipation of a KO, but to give standing ovations to these competitors.


Let’s put it this way. One guy threw over 1,100 punches and the other threw almost 1,000, yet they both landed over 33% of their punches. We aren’t talking jabs here folks. Power shots in a slugfest you that lived up to the hype!


Punch stats
Punches Vargas Salido
Landed 386 328
Thrown 1184 939
Percent 33% 35%


No matter how much I type about this fight, you MUST see it. It is TheFightJournal.com Fight of the Year! See some of the action in a highlight video below:


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Fighting in front of raucous crowd of 6,714 at The Fabulous Forum on Saturday night, Consensus #1 Pound-for-Pound Fighter Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez, (46-0-0, 38KO’s) captured his fourth divisional world title with a unanimous decision over WBC Super Flyweight World Champion Carlos “Principe” Cuadras (35-1-1, 27KO’s) in a sure-fire “Fight of the Year” candidate telecast live on HBO World Championship Boxing. Scores were 117-111, 116-112 and 115-113.


In a fight that lived up to it’s billing and the strong legacy of historical fights at The Fabulous Forum, Gonzalez and Cuadras battled at an extraordinarily high pace amidst loud chants of “Nicaragua” and “Mexico” throughout the fight.


The 29-year-old Gonzalez displayed excellent skills featuring his legendary combination punching, consistent pressure throughout the fight and excellent accuracy against the taller and bigger Cuadras.


The Mexican also performed at a very high level, countering Gonzalez, displaying very strong movement and terrific hand speed.


Stated Gonzalez after the fight, “We both gave a good fight, this was the most difficult fight of my career. I’ve never fought at this weight before, but I felt I won the fight.”


“I wasn’t hurt to the body but I definitely felt the head blows.”


“With pleasure I would face Naoya Inoue.”


“Alexis Arguello will always be number one, he is my teacher and I am his son. This victory is for my family, for Nicaragua and for God.”


Said a disappointed Cuadras, “It was close but I think I won, he’s never been hit that much in his career, just look at his face.”


“He is relentless; he didn’t get tired all night. His defense was better than I expected. He was stopping my shots with his arms and coming right back with his own punches.”


In the HBO World Championship Boxing co-feature, Yoshihiro Kamegai, (27-3-2, 23KO’s) stopped Jesus “Renuente” Soto Karass, (28-11-4, 18KO’s) in the eighth round of their scheduled 10-rounder. The fight, a rematch of their epic clash from this past April in Los Angeles, was stopped by Soto Karass’ corner before the start of the ninth round.


Kamegai controlled the action throughout the fight, backing up the Mexican gatekeeper with heavy handed punches to the head and body. Scoring a knockdown in the eighth, Kamegai capped the punishment as Soto Karass’ corner had seen enough.


“I feel great, Soto Karass is a very tough fighter but tonight I was stronger.”


“Hopefully this victory will lead to better opportunities and bigger fights for me.”


“Thanks very much to Mr. Honda and Golden Boy Promotions along with HBO.” Continue reading


Fighting in front of a sold-out crowd of over 19,000 at The O2 in London, England, Boxing Superstar and Unified Middleweight World Champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, (36-0, 33 KO’s) stopped Undefeated British Boxing Star and Welterweight World Champion “The Special One” Kell Brook, (36-1, 25KO’s) in the fifth round of an action packed clash from the opening bell.


The stoppage was Golokvin’s 23rd straight knockout and his 17th consecutive world title defense.


Battering Brook in the first round, Golovkin started very strong against the valiant Brook. The second and third rounds saw excellent two-way action which had the partisan crowd on their feet for the native of Sheffield, England.


Fighting with a badly damaged right eye from Golovkin’s range finding jabs, Brook absorbed a wealth of punishment in the fourth round.


Starting fast in the fifth round, Golovkin battered Brook around the ring, displaying his full arsenal with power shots to the head and body. On very shaky legs, Brook’s head trainer Dominic Ingle jumped on the ring apron to throw in the towel and stop the carnage.


“I wanted a ‘Big Drama Show’, this was more like street fight, I knew I was stronger than him.” said Golokvin. “He couldn’t handle my power; I knew I was hurting him.”


“I want to fight Billy Jo Saunders next, he has the WBO belt and I want a unification fight to get all the middleweight titles.”


Stated a dejected Brook, “My trainer was looking out for me, he’s known me a very long time. I think the eye injury may be bad, but if I lose I want to lose by getting knocked out.”


“I’m not sure what I will do next, what weight I’ll fight at. I need a little time to make a decision.”



Golovkin vs. Brook was presented by Matchroom Boxing and K2 Promotions. The replay will air this evening on HBO World Championship Boxing (10pm ET/PT) immediately following the World Super Flyweight Championship between Consensus #1 Pound-For-Pound Fighter in the World, Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez (45-0, 38 KO’s) and Undefeated Champion Carlos “El Principe” Cuadras, (35-0-1, 27KO’s) from The Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, California.


Golovkin is known as “The Most Exciting, Hardest-Hitting, Most Feared Fighter in the World.” From recently selling out arenas in New York City (Madison Square Garden), Los Angeles (The Fabulous Forum), Carson, California (StubHub Center) and now The O2 (London) to his sponsorships with the JORDAN Brand, Apple, Samsung, and Bijan, Tsesnabank, BI Group and EXPO 2017, Golovkin is one of the most marketable athletes in the world.


Golovkin’s record includes 23 straight knockouts in addition to 17 consecutive world title defenses. His 91.6% knockout ratio is the highest in boxing’s middleweight division history. Britain’s pound-for-pound number one fighter, Kell Brook, is out to shock the world when he steps up two weight divisions to take on the fearsome Gennady Golovkin.


The unbeaten Sheffield star achieved his childhood dream in August 2014 when he travelled to California to rip the IBF World Welterweight title from Ohio’s highly-rated and then-unbeaten Shawn Porter. He has since defended the title on three occasions, defeating Jo Jo Dan, Frankie Gavin and Kevin Bizier, all by stoppage.




Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin (35-0, 32 KOs) defends his IBF, WBC, and IBO World middleweight titles against Kell “The Special One” Brook (36-0, 25 KOs).


Will the Golovkin machine keep on rolling? Will Brook upset it and turn the boxing world on its heels?


Listen in.


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Roman “CHOCOLATITO” Gonzalez (45-0, 38 KOs) is attempting to make history by winning a fourth World title in his fourth weight class. Standing in his way is Carlos “Príncipe” Cuadras (35-0-1, 27 KOs).


This fight is for the WBC World super flyweight title.


Will there be an upset? Or do we go chalk on this one?


The part about Cuadras making weight. I actually forgot to remind myself.


He has a lot of acne on his back. No, he has a TON of acne on his back!


I’m not saying anything… I’m just saying…


Listen in.
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Roman Gonzalez: Cuadras will feel the fists of Chocolate!

Consensus #1 Pound-For-Pound Fighters in the World, Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez, (45-0, 38 KO’S) and WBC Super Flyweight World Champion Carlos “El Principe” Cuadras, (35-0-1, 27 KO’s) continued their busy media schedule on Monday just five days prior to their highly anticipated battle on Saturday, September 10 at The Fabulous Forum and telecast live on HBO World Championship Boxing beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

In a very jovial mood, Gonzalez and his team including his trainer Arnulfo Obando and manager Carlos Blandon, met with a large contingent of media who have flown in from Nicaragua in advance of the country’s most popular athlete’s quest for a fourth divisional world title. The fight will be telecast LIVE in Nicaragua on Channel 4 for it’s population of over 6,000,000 to watch.

Cuadras visited the ESPN Los Angeles studios for the A Los Golpes TV show taping where he was given lessons for beating Gonzalez by Boxing Legend Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez
“I loved training in Big Bear for this fight. Coach Abel and “GGG” were very welcoming, it was very calm there and we were able to work very well in peace.”

“With my training in Big Bear for the first time, I feel that I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been. I want to continue training there in the future.”

“I know Carlos says a lot about my nickname but on Saturday night he will feel the fists of Chocolate.”

“I never think about losing, the only way I can lose is if somebody truly beats me, I won’t beat myself and I won’t overlook anyone.”

“I need to throw combinations and keep him off-guard to win the fight.”

“This fight is for all my people in Nicaragua and especially dedicated to my mentor, the great Alexis Arguello.”

“I don’t think about other fights or how high I can move up. I just focus on Saturday night against Cuadras.”

Carlos “El Principe” Blandon
“I’m very excited to be fighting at The Fabulous Forum, it has such a long history of great fights and champions battling there, especially in the lower weight classes.”

“I feel a great deal of pride in defending my belt for the Mexican people. I’m sure there will be a lot of Mexican boxing fans for me as well as a great deal of Nicaraguan fans for Roman.”

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“This was my first time meeting Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., right away he wanted to give me pointers for Saturday night.”

“He throws multiple combinations but I’m too big and strong for him.”

“I like being a world champion and I plan on staying that way on Saturday night.”

“Doesn’t matter to me, knockout or decision, I will win.” Continue reading

Carlos Cuadras and Jesus Soto Karass quotes

Undefeated WBC Super Flyweight World Champion Carlos “Principe” Cuadras, (35-0, 27KO’s) and all-action, former world title challenger Jesus “Renuente” Soto Karass, (28-10-4, 18KO’s), appeared at the Maywood Boxing Gym to host the Los Angeles media on Thursday. They were joined by their trainers, Rudy Hernandez and Jose Luis Sorroza, respectively, and Tom Loeffler, Managing Director of K2 Promotions.

On Saturday, September 10 at The Fabulous Forum in Los Angeles, Cuadras will defend his title against #1 Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the World and WBC Flyweight World Champion Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez, (45-0-0, 38KO’s).

Featured in the co-main event following their epic 2016 “Fight of the Year” candidate this past April 15 in Downtown Los Angeles, Soto Karass will once again battle Yoshihiro Kamegai, (26-3-2, (23KO’s) in a 10-round junior middleweight clash. The first clash resulted in a split decision draw.

Both bouts will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Tickets for this outstanding evening of professional boxing priced at $300, $200, $100, $50 and $25 can be purchased through Ticketmaster (Ticketmaster.com, 1-800-745-3000) and the Forum Box Office.

Below are quotes from the participants of today’s event;

Carlos “Principe” Cuadras, Undefeated WBC Super Flyweight World Champion
“I love boxing and I love what I do and I am very excited about this fight.

“I know what a great career Gonzalez has had and it really motivates me to train and get ready to fight him. This is the fight of my life.

“Fighting at the Forum is also very exciting. It’s a venue with great tradition and I want to give the fans a great fight.

“I am very grateful for this opportunity to fight in a main event in the U.S. and on HBO and to everyone involved with the promotion.

Jesus Soto “Renuente” Karass, Former World Title Challenger
“I feel the same adrenaline and the same excitement for this fight, the only things that have changed are the location and the main event. I am now sharing the stage with my countryman and world champion Carlos Cuadras.

“I am very excited that HBO is putting our fight on such a big platform. It feels great to be fighting on such a big event. A victory here can really put me up for a bigger fight in my career.

“I feel great, this training camp we have focused on improving things from the first fight. Working on hand speed, on keeping my distance, but as we all know inside the ring it can be unpredictable and we can have an old fashioned brawl for all the fight fans.”

“I don’t expect this fight to be the same as before, I can only hope that it turns out as great for all the fight fans. What I can say is from my part is that I am prepared for anything, and will deliver a victory and an exciting night of boxing at the Forum.”

Rudy Hernandez, Head Trainer of Cuadras
“We’ve had a great camp, Carlos had been training hard since the fight was announced and we’re well prepared for victory on September 10.”

Jose Luis Sorroza, Assistant Trainer of Soto Karass
“Jesus always trains hard; we have been trail running and focusing on speed and conditioning. I see him very motivated for this fight, he is only thinking about winning.

“He is looking very good, we don’t have any issues with the weight and he has been doing great in all his sparring sessions. He feels good and I think that this fight is different because we know what to look for.”

“We have a plan for this fight, but you know in the ring you can’t predict what will happen. I know that Jesus likes to come forward and that will not change, but what I do know is that he will fight this fight with more intelligence and all the fans will enjoy it on September 10.”

Tom Loeffler, Managing Director of K2 Promotions
“This fight (Cuadras vs González) is a great fight no matter what the weight is. These are two undefeated world champions and considered two of the best fighters in the world.

“Both guys are taking big risks in this fight and that’s what makes a great fight.
“We’ve got an outstanding evening planned with the main event and the outstanding televised co-feature between Yoshihiro Kamegai and Jesus Soto Karass which is a rematch of an epic war this past April that captured fight fans interest not only in Los Angeles but all over the world.
“We just announced the return of undefeated junior flyweight Seniesa Estrada to the off-TV portion and we’ll have a full undercard announced in the coming days.
“The tripleheader on HBO with Gennady Golovkin fighting Kell Brook from London telecast LIVE in the afternoon and re-aired in the evening marks September 10 as the Biggest International Day of Boxing in 2016.”

Gonzalez vs. Cuadras is presented by K2 Promotions in association with Teiken Promotions. Kamegai vs. Soto-Karass 2 is presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Teiken Promotions.