Sergey Kovalev vs. Blake Caparello Preview, Analysis, and Prediction

Sergey Kovalev Vs Blake Caparello

Story by:  Chip Mitchell

Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev (24-0-1, 22 KOs), returns to HBO Boxing After Dark and Atlantic City on August 2nd to defend his WBO Light Heavyweight title against undefeated Blake “Il Capo” Caparello (19-0-1, 6 KOs) at Revel Casino Hotel. Kovalev is coming off a stoppage victory over Cedric Agnew. Caparello earned a hard fought win over Elvir Muriqi.

The fact that Caparello is a crafty southpaw gives fans hope that this fight could be a prelude to a match with Stevenson, who is also a lefty. Kovalev needs to stay focused, as he doesn’t want his dream of fighting Adonis Stevenson to be ‘Krushed’ with a loss to Caparello.

Sergey Kovalev – Kovalev has victories over Darnell Boone, Lionel Thompson, Gabriel Campillo, Nate Cleverly, Ismail Sillakh, and Cedric Agnew.

Blake Caparello – Caparello has wins over Allan Green, Elvir Muriqi, Aaron Pryor Jr, and the once promising Dante Craig.

Sergey Kovalev hasn’t gone beyond 8 rounds, so there are unknowns that arise about his endurance. Kovalev can get into position, but doesn’t always exert the greatest footwork. He often comes in straight without using angles, which can sometimes lead to extra effort on his part. He doesn’t have the fastest hands. Oddly enough, if a weakness chart was done on Joe Louis, the author could cut out facts from above and paste them into Louis’s chart.

Blake Caparello often leaves his right hand low, which leaves him open for a left hook. He also paws with the jab and often loads up on his left hand when he sees an opening. He’s been down and in trouble early against a guy who was 11-7 at the time.

Blake Caparello – Blake is good at throwing hooks off of the jab. He’ll also mix things up and throw decent shots to the body. One wouldn’t say he has fast hands, but he’s quick with his punches and utilizes craftiness to make up for lack of speed. He uses angles and employs lots of movement, perfect foil needed for a fight with Kovalev. Furthermore, he is a solid counterpuncher when he doesn’t choose to take the lead. Caparello stands nearly 6 feet 2 inches and his reach is 74 inches, which are great numbers for this division.

Sergey Kovalev – “You can run, but you can’t hide.” They don’t call him ‘Krusher’ for nothing. Like the Brown Bomber, Sergey will stalk you with the intent to destroy you. Also like Louis, he doesn’t waste a lot of punches. He is very methodical in his approach. What he lacks in speed, he makes up with power, as only three opponents have seen the final bell. Ironically, he doesn’t get credit for his timing, which assists in setting up his power shots. Kovalev is very powerful and knows how to finish when he gets an opponent hurt. He is very accurate and can knock an opponent out easily with either hand. Refer to aforesaid hypothetical Louis chart. Same deal with his strengths.

The Eye Test
Sergey Kovalev is definitely the favorite in this fight. He doesn’t yield a lot in terms of flaws and if you see one, you’d better capitalize before he closes you out. Conversely, he is going to wait for Caparello to make a mistake and attempt to finish him.

In order for Caparello to win, he’s going to have box and utilize every foot of the ring with movement. When in close, he needs to pick a side to move to defensively (give angles), thus making Kovalev extend and reach across his body to land punches.

For Kovalev to win, he must apply constant pressure, as Caparello will be up to task with stick-and-move action. It would be nice to see Sergey throw more combinations, but he hits so hard that it is often not necessary.

Blake Caparello is going to make Sergey Kovalev follow him around the ring for as long as this fight lasts. He will box and move, stop and potshot, and move again, while occasionally loading up for a homerun shot. Kovalev will have to work in this fight, as Caparello potentially could extend him beyond the early rounds and into territory he hasn’t seen.

This is a fight in which Kovalev should work on cutting the ring off as he has in the past, as opposed to the straight attack. Caparello won’t be around for straightforward movement. If so, he’ll be victim #23. Kovalev will have to endure Caparello’s side to side movement in order to land his money punch.

This has the making of a competitive fight. The plan for Caparello is to outbox and outhustle Kovalev. Caparello can and maybe will do that…. for a while. However, the bad habit Caparello has of dropping his right hand leaves him wide open for big left hook from Kovalev. That is the most likely ending for this fight. However, expect to see a jab making Caparello’s vision foggy for a split second- time enough for Kovalev to land a follow-up right hand to end the fight.

Kovalev by mid-to-late TKO

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Gennady Golovkin Stops Daniel Geale; Calls out Miguel Cotto!

Golovkin delivers KO blow to Geale.

Golovkin delivers KO blow to Geale.

Story by: Elias Cepeda

Daniel Geale was promoted as possibly the stiffest challenge of middleweight champ Gennady Golovkin’s career ahead of their title fight Saturday night in Madison Square Garden. In the end, however, Golovkin dispatched Geale with a brutal quickness (Video highlights below).

The Kazakh powerhouse dropped Geale to mat twice before the fight was called off by the referee in the third round. A flurry felled Geale in the second round but the tough Aussie managed to regain his footing and survive.

With thirty seconds left in the third round, Geale landed a right punch to the face of Golovkin but “GGG” ignored it and immediately fired back with his own right hand. That punch ended up being the final one of the bout as it crumpled Geale.

The former champion got back to his feet but was clearly out of the fight as he gamely wobbled around. At that point, the referee stepped in and called a halt to the action.

With the win, Golovkin improves his record to a perfect 30-0, with an astonishing 27 KOs. Geale’s loss is his second in his last three outings, and his record dips to 30-3.

Post-fight, Golovkin was asked who he most wanted to fight next and was clear that he wants Miguel Cotto. “Miguel Cotto. One hundred percent,” he said.

“I respect him, I respect his style. This is the biggest fight for everybody. For TV, for my fans, for everybody. For boxing.”

Cotto is riding high after stopping Sergio Martinez last month in Madison Square Garden. The former welterweight has look a bit renewed at 160 pounds and a fight with Golovkin could be the biggest bout available for either man at this point.

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G4: Golovkin, Geale, Jennings, Perez Final Presser!


New York-  Today marked the final press conference for G4, this Saturday’s Golovkin/Geale matchup and the co-feature of Jennings/Perez.  The None of the fighters had much to say, as each combatant seemed to be eager to get the show on.  I think we are in for an explosive night this Saturday at Madison Square Garden.

Gennady Golovkin
I respect Daniel Geale very much. I promise a good fight and an amazing show.

Daniel Geale
I’m going to definitely give him some problems on Saturday night.

Mike Perez
My prediction is that I’m going to win.

Bryant Jennings
I respect Perez, but I may have to disrespect him. If you are following me on twitter at ByJennings, I just put up this quote: People should know your capabilities but not your battles. Cause if you let them know your battles they will view you as incapable.

See stare-downs and photo shots in video below.

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Douglas Targets World Title in Fall!


Press Release – Baltimore, MD (July 21, 2014) – Blue chip prospect Tyrieshia “Lady Tiga” Douglas has her sights set on capturing a world title before the end of 2014.

At 5-0 with 1 win by knockout, the Baltimore-based Washington DC native’s set a lofty goal for herself. As an amateur, she won multiple Golden Gloves and National PAL titles while making Team USA twice. According to industry insiders, if Douglas wins a title in her sixth pro fight, she’d have the third fewest bouts before winning a major world title. The current record holder is Canada’s Jeannie Garside, who captured a belt in her fourth professional bout. Douglas’ Ponytail Promotions stablemate Tori “Sho Nuff” Nelson won the WBC title after only five.

A 2012 Olympic Trials participant, Douglas and her brother Antoine are the first siblings to compete at the trials during the same year. Of all the American fighters who participated in the trials or made the Olympics, Tyrieshia would be the first to compete for a major title.

Regarded amongst the best young female fighters in the world, Douglas is brimming with confidence leading up to a quantum leap in competition.

“I’ve felt ready for a title shot since I turned pro because I’m that confident in my ability,” said the supremely skilled Douglas. “I’m a fighter and the biggest competition is myself. Nobody can beat me but myself and I’m excited for a title fight. I’ve been boxing for awhile and my goal is to the this first belt then many more after that.”

Even though most fighters are maneuvered carefully for a number of years before competing for any kind of title, Douglas’ promoter believes she’s already a championship level fighter.

“Tyrieshia Douglas is a special talent,” said James Hogan, CEO of Ponytail Promotions. “The way she boxes is beautiful and I’ve seen very few fighters at her age male or female that has Tyrieshia’s level of skills, poise and maturity. I’m working on a title fight for her this fall and within a year, expect she’ll be on the pound for pound list alongside Tori Nelson.

Information on Ponytail Promotions’ next card, which is scheduled for early fall, and Douglas’ title bout will be available shortly.

Founded in 2014 by respected Baltimore-based boxing businessman James Hogan, Ponytail Promotions envisions becoming one of the top promotional firms in the United States. With a keen interest in both male and female fighters, Ponytail Promotions will run a total of 10-12 shows per year in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and North Carolina. For more information, go to

Contact: Matt Yanofsky (Publicist) – 551-206-0568 or @kopublicity

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Quick Q & A with Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Geale by Chip Mitchell

On next Saturday Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, 29-0 (26 KOs) defends his WBA Super World middleweight and IBO middleweight titles against Daniel “Real Deal” Geale, 30-2 (16 KOs). I had a chance to slip in a couple of questions with each boxer and here is what they had to say:

Chip Mitchell: Gennady, do you believe Daniel Geale, from a stylistic stylistic standpoint, poses your most difficult fight to date?

Gennady Golovkin: Yes absolutely because he has a specific style. He has proved that in his fights and it will be difficult to solve.

Chip Mitchell: Gennady, are you becoming more frustrated by not being able to fight the current champions?

Gennady Golovkin: I don’t think much about this, but I heard my team was planning this upcoming fight and I knew it was difficult to get fighters, but that is basically all I heard and I don’t think much about it.

Chip Mitchell: Daniel, you lost two close fights in the US. Do you feel a need to win more convincingly to get a decision to go in your favor?

Daniel Geale: It’s always tricky in close fights. You want to be as convincing as possible for decisions to go your way and sometimes they don’t. That makes you who you are. Those close losses, although they were disappointing, they did push me on to train harder and want to achieve more. I didn’t feel as if I was beaten in either of those two fights, so it just motivated me to train harder. There are always going to be bad decisions in boxing. You can’t let that affect you in any way. You just have to go out and do your job to the best of your ability.

Chip Mitchell: Interesting…

Chip Mitchell: What about your style will give Gennady trouble?

Daniel Geale: I would like to say that my defense is usually pretty good so I am going to be making the most of that. Not give him an easy target to aim at.

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Mayweather/Maidana Hit DC for Presser… Finally!

Hogan Photos

Hogan Photos

Hogan Photos

Hogan Photos

Washington, D.C.- Loyal, (and I do mean loyal) fans and media waited and waited and… well… waited in Washington, DC last night for the second leg of the Mayweather/Maidana II media tour.

Earlier in the day both camps held a press conference in New York and were stranded for about four hours at the airport. Meanwhile in our Nation’s Capital, fans were treated to a Wale concert and a replay of the first encounter between the boxers.

As time seemingly stood still, emcees, DJs, former fighters, and others took turns trying to keep the crowd in good spirits as Team Mayweather and Team Maidana waited for the “all clear” from the airport.

The media, who ordinarily would’ve had face-time with the boxers prior to the presser, settled for a conference call with Maidana while his plane remained grounded. Most of the media left the scene because of DC Metro train time contraints, but was in the house all night for this event.

Once the fighters arrived, Mayweather gave the media who chose to remain a moment to ask questions. Then he was whisked off into the auditorium.

Leonard Ellerbe opened the show by playing an emcee of sorts. He began by defining the word “Mayhem”, which is the title of the second encounter between Mayweather and Maidana. Ellerbe followed things up with ticket information and other details related to the event, such as fans being able to view the fight at select movie theaters. He then did the intro for Robert Garcia, who kept his comments short and sweet. Garcia handed it over to Marcos Maidana who basically told those in attendance he was coming to win no matter what it takes.

“I’m not going to change my style. It’s the way that I fight and I’m not going to change”, Maidana said earlier during a media conference. “I do have to adjust a few things, but I feel confident that Robert will come up with a good game plan.”

Mayweather was next to the microphone.

“Everybody that stayed, you guys are amazing fans,” said Mayweather. “I commend everyone that stayed. You are amazing. DC, I love you guys.”

As the press conference (and the night) came to an end, Mayweather remained with the fans to sign gloves, autographs, mobile phone cases, and whatever else was in reach. Local prospect Gervonta “Tank” Davis was able to meet Floyd and get his mobile phone signed. As he left the arena Davis had thoughts run across his mind about the increased value of the phone.

Next stop for Mayweather/Maidana II is Chicago.

Check out a very short clip of Floyd Mayweather discussing Maidana’s antics and referee Tony Weeks:

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Alvarez/Lara Results from Vegas!


Story by Chip Mitchell

In the main event tonight, Saul Alvarez won a split decision over Erislandy Lara with scores of 115-113 by Dave Moretti and the grossly off-the-mark 117-111 card from Levi Martinez. Judge Jerry Roth scored the fight for Lara by a 115-113 tally. Three things will be debated for a while based on the outcome of this fight. Did Lara’s movement and power punches to the head bother Alvarez enough for your scorecard to be in his favor? Did Alvarez’s body assault and pressure, combined with Lara’s excessive movement sway you in his favor? Thirdly, did anyone trip over Levy Martinez’s seeing-eye dog on their way out of the MGM Grand Garden Arena?

For the record, scored the fight 116-113 in favor of Erislandy Lara. Yes he did run at points in the fight, but he equally resorted to effective sticking and moving. In addition, he out-landed Alvarez by almost 100 punches and landed at a higher percentage. As far as the ‘running’ jokes that Canelo made, he need only look at the swelling under his right eye to see how much running Erislandy actually did. Alvarez scored well at times to the body, but looked like a novice swinging wildly and missing Lara’s head while sewrching for the home run shot.

This fight could have been scored a draw and while debates would have still been at high levels, it would’ve been an easier pill to swallow. I’m not a fan of saying “115-113 either way” would be acceptable. That’s a 4-point swing, which is huge in this sport. It’s a cop-out statement. Either one guy won by two in a person’s opinion or the other guy did. But not an argument that either way is acceptable. It’s not.

Abner Mares (27-1-1, 14 KOs) bounced back from his knockout loss to Jhonny Gonzalez a year ago to earn a decision victory over Jonathan “Polvo” Oquendo (24-4, 16 KOs). The bout wasn’t as action packed as Mares’s past bouts in recent memory, but that may be to Abner’s benefit in the long run. Mares was cut over the left eye in the 4th round and it was ruled a punch by referee Kenny Bayless. Cutman “Stitch” Duran did a marvelous job to stop the bleeding and Mares went on to win by scores of 96-94, 98-92, and 98-92.

In what may be a finalist for round of the year, Francisco Vargas dropped Juan Manuel Lopez in the third round en route to a sensational TKO victory. JuanMa’s corner stopped the fight in between rounds as they felt he took too much punishment.

There were exchanges at the end of round one and for a good portion of the 2nd round. Both fighters came out in the third, seemingly with intentions to end this fight early. There was nonstop action with give and take by both combatants. Vargas seemed to get the best of the exchanges as his punches were more straight than those of Lopez.

With the win, Vargas improves to 20-0-1 (14 KOs). Lopez drops to 34-4 (30 KOs ).

Mauricio “El Maestro” Herrera (21-4, 7 KOs) captured the WBA interim super lightweight title with a twelve round majority decision over Johan “El Terrible” Perez (19-2-1, 13 KOs).  Scores were 114-114, 116-112, and 116-112.

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