BERNARD HOPKINS, IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion:

“I think my longevity has a lot to do with the early preparation in my life and my career. I took care of myself like I always have for the last 20 years and I’m reaping the benefits now.

“A lot of it has to do with just what I do and don’t put in my body. A lot of long-term discipline and staying the course, and not derailing many times during down time, or binging on things that aren’t good for you. I think that plays a big role in longevity.

“I’ll say that Shumenov is saying the right things because anything else contrary to that would hurt the fight and will not help ticket sales. People want to see you when you’re still relevant, so to me this is the time to show and perform on a worldwide stage.

“Shumenov wants to make a name for himself by defeating me. All the young guns want to make it big, and beating me would do that for Shumenov, but that’s not going to happen.

“To me, there are no butterflies. I’m eager, but it’s controlled for that moment to come and then we’ll have the fireworks. That’s the good part about it. I’m on stage, and as any entertainer loves the stage, you love the attention.

“Washington, D.C. is the nation’s capital. This is part of the foundation of East Coast boxing. So when you talk about D.C., you also say Philly and New York. There’s rich tradition and it’s all about history here.”

BEIBUT SHUMENOV, WBA Super Light Heavyweight World Champion:

“I’m feeling great, most of the work has been done. I cannot wait to show what I am capable of.

“To show the world that I am the best light heavyweight in the world.

“I haven’t missed any days of training. Every day after my workout my body was exhausted and the next day I was always excited to go to the gym. Every day was valuable for me, every day I saw improvement. It made me happy to go to the gym.”

SHAWN PORTER, IBF Welterweight World Champion:

“I’m excited to being fighitng in D.C. for the first time. I’ve been training well and the team is working very hard. We’re excited to get out there Saturday night and show what we can do.

“Paulie is a good fighter, he’s skillful, crafty and smart. I have everything it takes to beat him, I’m just as fast, just as quick. We’re going to go after him Saturday night.”

PAULIE MALIGNAGGI, NABF Welterweight Champion:

“I enjoy being here, it’s experience. I fought in D.C. in the amateurs, and this is my first time as a professional. So this is a great welcome back.

“I think Bernard can do amazing things at his age, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to do that for many more fights.

“Shawn Porter is a young, hungry guy who wants to make his mark on the sport, but I’m in his way. He’s aggressive. He’s got a certain physicality, but we’ll be ready for him.”

PETER QUILLIN, WBO Middleweight World Champion:

“I’ve been in there working on my ability and showing what I can do. Nobody can beat me.

“What do I know about my opponent? I know he’s bald and that he’s from the Czech Republic. I also know he has a white hat on today and that he didn’t want to say ‘hello’ to me.

“This is a business, and when you get out of the ring, you’re going to get your check. There’s nothing emotionally involved in that. I just know that I’m coming here to handle business.

“I trained superbly for this fight. I know I have a lot riding on me, and that doesn’t discourage me. I just know that I have to work hard, and stay focused, hungry, and motivated, and stay inspirational to my fans. That’s what it’s all about.” Continue reading

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Baltimore Battles at Patapsco Arena Don’t Disappoint

Brandi Miller (reporting ringside)…

Saturday night was truly a great night for boxing fans hailing from the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Hardwork promoter and main event fighter Venroy July put on another exciting card which brought fans drama and knockouts. The venue was packed with people enjoying food, drinks, and good music from the DJ. Around 7:30 pm the first bout was started as we welcomed Baltimore’s own Travis Reeves back home to take on Santos Martinez. Travis came out pumping the jab and placing good shots to the body and head. Then Travis landed a crisp right hand that sent Martinez crashing to the canvas. Martinez beat the count but was unfit to continue in the fight. This was one of the many knockouts of night. Larry Recio from Landover, Maryland scored a first round knockout over Jose Felix in the first round. Edwin Reyes also scored a first round TKO over Chris Haney.

Demond Nicholson who trains with Headbangers Barry Hunter maintained his perfect record with a first round stoppage over David Rohn. Nicholson started slowly measuring his shots and setting up his punches. He threw a crushing right hand to the body and down went Rohn, who was not able to recover from the shot. Nicholson shows real promise as fighter who is growing and looking to become a threat in the middleweight division.

Beltway boxer Jeremy Trussell suffered the first defeat of his career. He fought a tough battle with Taneal Gayco, who dropped Trussell in the fourth round, and again in the sixth and final round. The bout was stopped after Jeremy couldn’t make the count. Although Trussell hurt Gayco many times throughout the fight, he couldnt capitalize on those opportunities.

The final bout of the night was with promoter Venroy July versus Quantis Graves. The bout was very physical for both competitors, but neither fighter made a big enough statement to stand out. As a result, the judges scored the bout a draw.

Other bouts included a Dwayne McRae TKO victory over Jonte Willis in the second round and Alexandru Marin earned a unanimous decision over Alex Hipolito.

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Mike “Yes Indeed” Reed Enters The Fight Journal!

Interview by Brandi Miller

Brandi Miller interviewed Mike “Yes Indeed” Reed, a fighter from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area), who is currently 8-0 (5 KOs).

Mike talked about his career, education, level of competition, his P4P list and more. Thanks to Lorin Chvotkin for facilitating this interview.

Listen to the interview below:

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Brandi Miller talks to Hopkins & Shumenov!

Brandi Miller got a chance to shoot the breeze with IBF Light Heavyweight world champion Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins and challenger Beibut Shumenov.

See what each guy had to say below:

Brandi: Beibut, my first question is for you. It seems that you won your titles early on in your career. You don’t have as much experience as Bernard, but nobody really does. How do you prepare to fight someone so crafty and with so much experience?

Hopkins (cutting in): That’s a secret. He can’t tell you.

Shumenov: Right, right.

Brandi: You look up to Hopkins. How long have you been following his career?

Shumenov: I don’t know. For years. Look, I’m not just a boxer, but I’m also boxing fan. So, I’ve always watched all the big names when they fight. Bernard, Oscar De La Hoya, Roy Jones, Antonio Tarver, Felix Trinidad, Eric Morales, (Marco) Antonio Barerra, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, all those genders.

Brandi: Alright Bernard, I want to ask you. I read recently you said you were in a knockout drought. Could the fans expect you to try for the knockout on April 19? Continue reading

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Vegas, We Have a Problem!


Story by:  Chip Mitchell

Up until a few weeks or so ago, I was as excited as anyone about the Timothy Bradley/Manny Pacquiao rematch. However, I am now deeply concerned about the drug testing situation for this fight.

A while back, we were under the impression that Bradley and Pacquiao would undergo random drug testing by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA). Both parties were on board and everything seemed on the up and up. VADA, the prominent card-carrying, high-level, premier drug testing component seemed like the logical choice for both fighters. For Bradley, this will be at least the third fight in a row that he uses VADA; supposedly to ensure an even playing field come fight night.

VADA testing also makes sense for Pacquiao. After years of emitting excuses for not joining Mayweather in random testing, Pacquiao opted for VADA in his fight with Brandon Rios. I’m sure part of the reason had to do with the cloud surrounding Juan Manuel Marquez, who aired Manny out in December 2012. The change in JMM’s physique, coupled with that scary KO, forced Manny to consider similar concerns that potential opponents had about him. Let’s make sure both sides are playing fairly, right? So when a test that Pacquiao’s last opponent Brandon Rios took came up tainted, VADA testing proved its worth, right? Simple math so far, right? That’s what I thought until a few weeks ago. So what gives? Continue reading

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Two-Time Heavyweight Champion Chris Byrd enters The Fight Journal!

Former two-time heavyweight champion Chris “Rapid Fire” Byrd took some time out to talk about his YouTube show, spirituality, training young fighters and more!

Video by Robert Uzzell.  Check it out!

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Cunningham Survives Knockdowns and Outboxes Mansour!

Main Events

Main Events

Steve “USS” Cunningham (27-6, 12 KOs) took down the undefeated powerhouse Amir “Hardcore” Mansour (20-1, 15 KOs) via unanimous decision at the Liacouras Center.  In the all-Philly main event, Philadelphia-raised Cunningham and Philadelphia-trained Mansour brawled for ten rounds of heart-stopping action that had the entire crowd at the Liacouras Center on their feet and screaming for more. These two warriors just kept coming at each other for ten straight rounds.  By the end they were both bleeding and and battle-worn.

Mansour was relentless from the first bell.  He kept coming at Steve with huge looping hooks.  Cunningham began bleeding in the second round. Then Cunningham cut Mansour over the same eye in the third.

Mansour knocked Cunningham down twice in the fifth but Steve managed to get back up just before the bell. Cunningham came back with a vengeance in the sixth and the crowd at the Liacouras Center was on their feet. The fans were split equally as half chanted “Hardcore” and half chanted “USS.” By the ninth the chants of “Steve” drowned out everything else.

Cunningham knocked Mansour down in the tenth and went on to win via unanimous decision. One judge scored the fight 97-90 and the other two scored the fight 95-92. Continue reading

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